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Fort Lauderdale Insurance Claim Damage Storm Hurricane Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale and Broward County Insurance Claims Attorneys Whittel & Melton

Fort Lauderdale and Broward County Insurance Claims Attorneys Whittel & Melton

Florida residents living by the coast usually know what to expect when it comes to tropical storms and hurricanes. Hurricane season runs from June-November, so Fort Lauderdale residents have a long window of time to stay prepped and ready for a major storm. Despite making all the necessary preparations for storm, the aftermath can be downright devastating. In the midst of the chaos, you can feel stress and fear and then afterwards, feel overwhelmed with figuring out how to repair and rebuild.

When you have property damage after a hurricane or tropical storm, you file a claim through your homeowner’s insurance provider so that they can assist with necessary repairs to your home or business property. Sadly, it is not at all uncommon for the insurance company to try and minimize the amount of damages they have to pay, so they could use their vague wording in their policies on what is covered and what isn’t to try and undervalue or even flat-out deny your very valid claim. This is where having a legal team on your side can be quite beneficial, and our Fort Lauderdale Hurricane and Storm Damage Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can be the powerful advocates you need fighting in your corner.

What Should I Do Before a Fort Lauderdale Hurricane?

Hurricanes and tropical storms can be unpredictable, often leaving us scrambling to take action with little notice. Having a solid plan in case of a storm can keep you and your family safe should you need to evacuate your home and prepare for the worst. Here are a few things we think are beneficial to do right before the start of each hurricane season:

  • Know your specific insurance policy and what is covered
  • Snap “before” photos of your valuables and your home/property
  • Make sure to gather all important documents, records, and receipts that you may need on hand should a hurricane wreak havoc on your home
  • Take accurate inventory of your property as well as your possessions
  • Make sure and check out the CDC’s guidelines for having an emergency plan in place for your family, your home, and your pets

What Should I Do After a Fort Lauderdale Hurricane?

As soon as you can return your home, make sure it is free from all hazards, such as flood waters, debris, powerlines, appliances, and all other dangers. Once you have made sure the property is safe, consider taking the following actions:

  • Photograph all interior and exterior damage to your property
  • Create an inventory sheet of all damages, including possessions
  • Gather all receipts and other documents that can show proof of payment for any damaged items
  • Submit a claim to your insurance provider
  • Anytime you speak with an insurance adjuster, make sure to take good notes – get their name, record the date, and jot down a good summary of the conversation
  • Get in touch with trusted contractors to inspect your property for damages and write out bids for the needed repairs

After a Broward County Hurricane or Tropical Storm Checklist

  • Check out your roof for any damaged shingles or holes, gaps, fallen debris, broken slats, water stains or discoloration, etc. Your roof is the most susceptible structure to storm damage, so you want to make sure that it is intact.
  • Check your windows thoroughly as a large storm can easily damage them. You want to identify any holes or cracks in frames, and rips in window screens, broken panes, etc.
  • Check out your attic and crawl spaces for any signs of flooding or water damage.
  • Look at your gutters and pipes to see if they are chipped or cracked, or even just clogged with debris.
  • Look at your deck, porch, or fence for any cracks or breaks.
  • Check your driveways, sidewalks, and other walkways for any damage.
  • Look at all trees and plants on your property that may have caused damage.

Why Do I Need to Contact a Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Lawyer?

Too many homeowners have issues when they file an insurance claim seeking rightful damages following a hurricane or tropical storm. There is always the chance that the insurance company will dispute a claim. Our Fort Lauderdale Hurricane and Storm Damage Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can answer any questions you have about what is covered (or what isn’t) on your policy, help you understand why your insurance adjuster’s estimate is far lower than what you expected, assist with damages that are complex, and help you fight back when your legitimate claim is delayed or denied. We know just how devastating a hurricane can be, and we want to help you stand up to hardened insurance companies who are out to protect their bottom line. Call us now at 866-608-5529 or contact us online 24/7 to request a free consultation. We can begin helping you immediately.

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