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Hurricane and Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Hurricane, wind and storm damage are obviously acts of god we all as property owners cringe thinking about. So much so, that we all went out and purchased commercial or residential policies for such an event.

But What Happens When the Insurance Company Won't Pay?

If your claim has been denied for any reason, don't panic, welcome back to Florida. Florida has created laws that somewhat insulate insurance companies from initially handling claims poorly. However, this perceived blanket of protection for bad behavior is just that, only a perception, the earlier you can obtain competent legal counsel, the closer to the proper result you will be. Fact is, unfortunately, in our current insurance climate, Insurance companies commonly create paradigms where certain types of claims will either be never paid or paid at such a minimal level it's offensive. Many Insurance companies would prefer to handle your claim in litigation, even paying their own legal fees on a perfectly valid claim, because they are willing to gamble you wont hire an attorney for your claim. This has basically become a war of attrition. The longer they hold out on your claim and all the others, the hope is that claims will just fall off the vine as folks become disinterested with pursuing what seems to be an immovable object. Well, you are reading this webpage because you obviously don't want give up. Call us and lets work together to see that the Insurance companies' gamble you wouldn't pursue your case was a foolish bet.

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