Negligent Security

When a property owner is aware of problems or criminal elements and makes no accommodation for his guests or the public.

Every day innocent people throughout Florida in counties such as Hernando and Pasco become victims of crime. Many times, these crimes could have been prevented if adequate security measures had been taken by property owners. In Florida, property owners have a duty to keep others safe from harm, including safe from criminal attacks. If they fail to take adequate safety measures or to warn visitors of dangerous conditions, owners could be held liable for negligent security.

At The Law Offices of Whittel & Melton, our personal injury attorneys can represent victims who were injured because property owners failed to provide proper security. Negligent security claims commonly involve:

  • bar fights
  • parking lot attacks
  • hold ups at ATMS and Parking lots
  • rape in parking lots or apartment buildings
  • poor hotel security
  • Attacks in elevators and stairwells
  • Negligent college campus and dorm room security
  • Inadequate nursing home or assisted living residence security
  • Inadequate parking lot surveillance
  • Negligent theme park and shopping mall security

We Will Go to Trial For You

While we seek a fair settlement in every case we handle, we build every case with an eye toward trial so that when property owners, and the insurance companies that represent them, do not make a fair settlement offer, we can fight for you in court. In order to press our opponents, we aggressively build cases from the beginning.

Our representation does not cost our clients anything until they are first compensated for their injuries. If you have been injured or the victim of a crime due to the negligence of providing no security when security was needed or insufficient security, please contact us for a consultation.

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