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In Florida, Robbery is the use of force or the threat of force to take someone else's property. Common types of Robbery include purse snatching, carjacking and bank robberies. Florida Statute § 812.13 Robbery is a felony that State Prosecutors take very seriously. In some situations, like for example if a firearm or deadly weapon was used in the commission of a Robbery (sometimes referred to as Aggravated or Armed Robbery) there are minimum sentences that a Judge is required by statute to impose. However, even when those minimum mandatory sentences are not in affect, a person convicted of a Robbery charge can serve anywhere from 5 years to a Life Sentence. Robbery is a serious charge and The Law Offices of Whittel & Melton has represented many individuals who have been charged with the various forms of Robbery. The lawyers, staff and assistants and the Law Offices of Whittel & Melton, LLC are ready to assist in your defense. Contact us today.

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