Obtaining Controlled Substance by Fraud

In Central Florida, State Prosecutors have been vigilantly targeting those suspected of Obtaining a Controlled Substance by means of Fraud – a practice commonly referred to "Doctor Shopping." Often, these cases deal with citizens who seek psychotropic prescription medication, steroids or pain relievers who have exhausted their ability to receive these medications from their personal physician and, because of possible addition issues, seek treatment from other doctors and feign symptoms in order to obtain additional prescriptions. State Prosecutors have to prove that the drugs were purchased by means of misrepresentation, fraud, forgery, deception or subterfuge. Florida Statute § 893.13(7)(a)9. This crime is a third degree felony and subjects a defendant to five (5) years in State Prison. It is important to know that in the past, the State has charged each transaction as a separate crime – thus subjecting a defendant to multiple consecutive sentences.

Due to the high volume of these types of cases in this area of country, the Law Offices of Whittel & Melton, LLC has experience representing clients charged with crimes relating to fraudulently obtaining controlled substances as well as handling inquiries from the State of Florida with respect to these investigations. If you are charged or even suspected of Obtaining Prescription Medication by Fraud or otherwise, contact our office immediately. We can help.

Florida Statute § 893.13 (7)(a)9 – Obtaining Controlled Subtance by Fraud

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