Burglary and Trespass

If you are facing a Burglary charge (Florida Statute § 810.02), you have been accused if entering a residence or business with the intent of stealing or taking property that is not yours. In Florida, all Burglary charges are a felony. The degree of felony depends on the type of structure broken into and whether the structure was a dwelling or whether it was occupied when the alleged crime and whether anyone was hurt during the commission of the crime.

Under Florida Law, Trespass (Florida Statute § 810.08) is the act of unlawfully entering on to someone else's property when there is notice that you are not welcome on that property. Trespass is a misdemeanor crime. Generally, you have not trespassed if there is not a warning that your presence is not permitted on the property. Intent and knowledge play a large role in theft related crimes and The Law Offices of Whittel & Melton, LLC have successfully defended many individuals who have been charged with Trespass or Burglary. We are poised to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf- please contact us for a consultation.

Florida Criminal Attorney Blog - Burglary and Trespass
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