Asset Seizure

Florida law can allow in some very specific situations for a local County Sheriff’s Office, Police Department or Florida Department of Law Enforcement to seize or take cash, property and/or assets that the State of Florida believes has a connection to either the proceeds from or in connection to the commission of crimes.

Because the State of Florida is taking something from you or a loved one, Procedural and Substantive Due Process requires that a hearing and legal determination by a Judge be afforded to anyone who feels cash, property or assets has been illegal seized from them during an arrest in Florida. After alleged service of the notice of seizure or forfeiture, a party has fifteen days to request an adverse preliminary hearing. This hearing is only the start to the process, which commonly can wind up in an appellate posture, but it is the best and most effective way to preserve all of the client’s rights and objections to the government’s conduct.

This situation is most common in the arena of drug arrests for production, trafficking, sale, manufacturing, possession with intent to distribute etc. However, certainly any crime involving a high amount assets, usually referred to as White Collar Crimes, or situations involving Burglary, Money Laundering, RICO, Conspiracy to Defraud, Fraud, Grand Theft, etc. come into contact with Asset Forfeiture issues.

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The most commonly litigated area of forfeiture usually is with respect to money, cash and/or motor vehicles. Although cars and cash are the most common, homes, boats, planes, trailers, jewelry and family or personal property are also seized in some instances.

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