Recent Sumter County DUI Results

Bushnell, Sumter County – Client was involved in a serious multi-car accident where serious bodily injury occurred to the other driver and the passenger of the client’s vehicle. The client was initially charged with Careless Driving while the victims remained in the Hospital. The client’s blood was taken at the hospital. The family of the client immediately contacted the Law Offices of Whittel & Melton to investigate the accident and begin preparation for defense of Felony DUI – Serious Bodily Injury. This is third degree Felony, and the client was facing up to five (5) years State Prison and minimum mandatory sentence of three (3) years State Prison. Our investigation of the case proved worthwhile as several potential holes in the State’s case developed with respect to the analysis if the blood sample, and most notably, with respect inaccuracies of the witnesses in the case.

RESULT: Felony DUI dropped; Careless Driving NOT GUILTY

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