Recent Pinellas County DUI Results

St. Petersburg, Pinellas County – Client was prescribed a generic drug similar to Xanax. Law enforcement alleged that he was drinking earlier while on the Xanax-style medication with friends. On his drive home to New Port Richey he rear-ended a motorcycle, sending the driver to the pavement. Luckily the driver of the motorcycle was not seriously hurt, but police conducted a DUI investigation. The client blew .000/.000, but submitted to a Urine test that showed positive results for the Xanax-type medication and client was arrested for DUI while on a prescription medication. The lawyers with the Law Offices of Whittel & Melton challenged the validity of the urine test, the lawfulness of the investigation--especially the roadside and field sobriety examination-- and took the case to trial before a Pinellas County jury.

Verdict: NOT GUILTY.

St. Petersburg, Pinellas County – Client was a bouncer at a pub. On his was home from work he was followed by local police officers. It is unclear whether they followed him from the pub, however upon pulling into his parking lot of his home, he was stopped for DUI. Officers noted his unsteady “gait” or balance as he exited the vehicle and, as a result, proceeded to do a DUI investigation. The Treasure Island Officers arrested our client for DUI and took him to the station for a breath test where he refused the Breathalyzer test. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Whittel & Melton immediately challenged the Drivers License suspension and the DUI arrest.

RESULT: DUI Dropped, amended to Reckless Driving with No probation and No Drivers License suspension; Original DHSMV Suspension was Invalidated - the client's Florida Drivers License was never Suspended.

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