Recent Pasco County DUI Results

New Port Richey, Pasco County – Client was arrested for Leaving the Scene of An Accident and his third (3rd) DUI within ten (10) years. The possible sentence for these offenses was more than five (5) years Florida State Prison. The Attorneys at the Law Offices of Whittel & Melton demanded that not only that the client’s right to complete discovery be fulfilled, but also that he receive his day in court before a jury of his peers. Our lawyers also demanded that the client’s constitutional speedy trial rights be enforced. The State Attorney’s Office did not recognize technical problems with their LSA/ DUI charging document or indictment and was not able to proceed with this matter.


Dade City, Pasco County – Client was arrested for DUI, after weaving over the dividing line in the road near Zephyrhills, FL and submitting to a breath test where the result was over the legal limit of .08. The attorneys on the matter immediately requested a copy of the DUI videotape in the case. The DUI investigation by the Law Offices of Whittel & Melton showed that although the driver’s Breath Alcohol Content was in excess of .08 – he appeared sober on the video and completed all the FHP roadside or physical sobriety exercises with relative ease. The lawyers pursued the Prosecutors on the matter to show them this evidence in the hopes of negotiating a fair outcome for the client.

Result: DUI Dropped; plead to Reckless Driving, No Probation, No Drivers License Suspension

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