Recent Alachua County DUI Results

Gainesville, Alachua County – Client was arrested and charged with DUI - Serious Bodily Injury. Because of the injuries involved, there was a potential for this client to be charged with third degree Felony, subjecting the client to up to five (5) years State Prison with a mandatory minimum sentence of three (3) years state prison. After an evening with several University of Florida friends, client was driving a female companion home on his motorcycle. The client lost control and crashed into a parked SUV. The passenger on the motorcycle was seriously injured and rushed to the Emergency Room. A house full of partygoers in the adjacent lot witnessed the accident. The driver was also rushed to Emergency Room where a DUI blood test was administered. Since the elements of DUI-Serious Bodily Injury are challenging for the State Attorney’s Office to prove, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Whittel & Melton immediately investigated the case to insure that the client had all possible defenses at his disposal. Our investigation of the case proved worthwhile, as several potential holes in the State’s case developed with respect to the analysis if the blood sample, the methodology used in analysis of the blood sample and the witnesses in the case.

RESULT: Felony DUI not filed by Prosecutors; plead to Misdemeanor DUI – No Jail

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